Top Tips for Creating a Smooth Christmas Day

Written by: Katherine McHenry

It's finally here--the day of magic, and presents, and wonderment about whether the stories from the North Pole are true. Parents have been planning for months or hurriedly putting it all together and adjusting it daily based on their kids' fantastical stories of what Santa is going to bring them. Everyone has great expectations for Christmas Day. You may be setting yourself for some breakdowns if you're not prepared. We put so much energy and high hopes into this holiday, it's hard to live up to everyone's expectations. Here's a few tips I like to give my customers in order to have a spectacular day:
1. Pre-assemble toys. It's quite frustrating for little ones to have a dollhouse or workbench that they can't play with instantly after receiving the gift. Adult caregivers want to hang out and relax, not assemble a toy with little ones watching over them with impatient eyes. Also if you have little ones, it might be nice to remove all the frustrating twist ties and extra packaging. Some even require screwdrivers in order to remove the toy from the packaging.
2. Batteries required! If you forgot which toys need which type of batteries, assume that you need a little of everything. Even if the toy includes batteries, they are usually "try me" batteries that won't last too long after they come out of the box. If you have remote control toys, you will likely need a 9-volt battery -- those are the square batteries that people desperately remove from smoke detectors on Christmas morning in order to save some tears.
3. The Spirit of Christmas is what makes the day magical. Spend some time talking about all the things each family member is grateful for, both in tangible gifts and blessings. Pick a toy/gift for donation and talk to the kids about sharing with those in need. I suggest donating to the Association House, a local community organization in Humboldt Park where we affect our local friends by giving.
4. Have some Santa or Elf stationery on hand. If tears fall because Santa didn't come thru, a letter may magically appear from the North Pole rectifying the situation. Don't get caught up in the day and over-promise.  Be realistic about what you can deliver to remedy the situation or make a cute whimsical note with no promises. Don't forget, it's your day too. No need to stress!

I hope these ideas are helpful in making your Christmas celebration a happy one full of wonderful memories! Any tips you have for creating a smooth holiday? Share it with us and comment below! 

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Posted on December 17, 2014 at 3:51 PM