Cabin Fever Busters: Shaving Cream

Written by: Beth Cohen Dorfman

For this week’s “Beating Cabin Fever” blog I have two words for you: SHAVING CREAM. Yes, that’s right, good ‘ol white, foamy shaving cream. I’m talking the cheap stuff. I was reminded of it’s simplicity and perfection when cruising Pinterest when I saw someone’s pin about Sand Foam (which is a mix of sand and shaving cream). Personally, I have issues with anything as messy as sand in my house (even when I was teaching in preschools, I dreaded the weeks when sand was in my sensory table—I can do an entire blog on non-sand sensory table fillers, but we’ll save that for another time), but the post is linked here for those braver than I.

Now, back to shaving cream… Man, this stuff is amazing.  If your kids are like mine, they’ll top off a can of it in one sitting and there’s nothing simpler on the planet to play with.  Just squirt it on your table and let the kids go to town.  It’s thick, smells nice, has a great texture and is so much fun to schmear all over the table.  If you’re trying bring some educational time into your sensory play, make a think film of it and have your littles draw shapes, letters, words, pictures—anything! Check out this post from Growing a Jewled Rose for some super fun ideas! 

If you have older kids, this might be a fun way to do some stop-motion animation! Check out the app store for a Stop Motion Studio App

If you add your amazing gel food color to it (that you used in the homemade playdough from a couple of week ago), you’ll get bright, fabulous merengue. Take it and plop it (artfully, of course) on heavy paper (a great use for all of the boxes from the holidays!) and you can make mountains. This is another great time to bring science into your playtime. Make predications about what will happen to the shaving cream and write them down. Check it out the next day and see if your hypotheses were correct.Best part of shaving cream play?  IT’S SOAP!  That’s right, soap. As your kids play with it all over your tables and countertops, they are cleaning them for you.  Imagine: hours of quiet, still play time AND cleaner kitchens.  Perfection!

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Posted on December 12, 2014 at 6:55 PM