Cabin Fever Busters: Water Beads

Written by: Beth Cohen Dorfman

Hi all! I’m back with another amazing, do-it-yourself indoors project to do with your kids. Now, this one has a lot of steps and it is likely that you’ll need to get the main “ingredient” but I can tell you first hand that the result is totally worthwhile.

Check out this post by Blog Me Mom on how to make these super cool Water Beads.  My kids, who are nearly eight and five and a half, LOVE these. They have a really fascinating texture, are fun to play with, non toxic and edible (though they don’t taste so good) so you can let very little ones use them.

Depending on the age of your kids, you could have them help in preparing the beads. Have them set a timer and talk about the irreversible change that the beads will undergo while boiling. Kids love science and cooking anything is a fantastic time to use new, scientific terminology. Talk about boiling points, evaporation, fire safety and more!  Alternately, you could make them after your kids are in bed while enjoying a glass of wine and relaxing!

If you go through process of coloring them (you can use the great gel food colors you bought last week to make play dough again!), you can do all sorts of great activities with them. Children love to sort things into groups. If you have colored plates/bowls/cups, break them out so your little sorter can place the beads into like-colored containers.

Another great use for them is to teach the idea of gentleness to toddlers. While these beads are solid, they are fragile—squeeze too hard and they will break. This is a really concrete way for little ones to learn the consequences of not using gentle or soft hands.

Lastly, as the poster suggests, you can add them to a shallow storage bin for a really great addition to water play activity.

Posted on December 02, 2014 at 7:11 PM