How to find a trusted doctor in Chicago

Written by: Melanie Schlachter

Looking for a reliable and experienced pediatrician, OB, dentist or speech therapist?

You can now find and recommend medical professionals quickly and easily from within your trusted NPN community. Our new Doctor Directory compiles member feedback straight from the Discussion Forum, making it easy to search by doctor name, specialty and location. Powered by Human Practice, we'll help you find the right doctor without the stress!

How it works:

  • Who has access to the directory? Only NPN members can view the directory. Join or renew your NPN membership today for this and all the other great resources NPN has to offer.
  • Who are the doctors listed in the directory? The doctors listed have been recommended by NPN members via the Discussion Forums.
  • What information is listed in the directory? You’ll see member recommendations plus find information like location and insurance coverage.
  • How do I add a doctor recommendation? Any time you participate in a Discussion Forum thread and mention a healthcare provider, you'll be prompted to make a recommendation. It only takes seconds!

Go to Frequently Asked Questions to learn more!

We'd love to hear from you! Please share your feedback on the new NPN Doctor Directory and how it works within the Discussion Forum. ‚Äč

We're interested in talking both to people looking for doctor recommendations on NPN, and to people providing recommendations. Takes 20 to 30 minutes, and you can do it from home or wherever is convenient.
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Posted on May 08, 2014 at 10:58 AM