Being an Andersonville Mom...

Written by: Dana Wurzburger

When my husband and I bought our condo seven years ago, kids were the furthest thing from our minds.  Now with 2 year old twins we are finding that there are so many family-friendly reasons that our neighborhood rocks.  When I was asked to write a blog about why I like being a mom in Andersonville it didn’t take me long to create a list.  Chicago is a great place to raise a family and each neighborhood has something unique to offer families.  Here are the family-friendly discoveries I have made in Andersonville since my kids were born.

Events for the Whole Family: The Andersonville Chamber of Commerce sponsors dinner and dessert crawls throughout the year that you can participate in with the kids as well.  Midsommarfest is just an overall good time for all members of the family.  Other little gems that we discovered with the kids include free music jam sessions at Toys et Cetera, story times at Women & Children First Bookstore and local libraries, and an interactive Children’s play area at the Swedish American Museum. We are also signed up for Spanish language classes at Language Stars Andersonville for the summer.

Collection of Unique Restaurants: Our neighborhood boasts of so many different types of restaurants and cuisines!  At the age of two my twins have been exposed to foods that my own parents had never even heard of, including baba ghanoush, pad thai, Swedish selmas, saganaki, and misser wat!  Some of our favorite family-friendly restaurants include Fireside, Jerry’s Sandwiches, and stopping at The Coffee Studio before a walk down Clark Street.

Push for Green and Local: We love that many Andersonville businesses are generally eco-conscious and promote organic and local foods and products.  We attended the City Made Fest and enjoyed local music for the kids and beer for us.  At the weekly Andersonville Farmers Market in the summer my kids pick out their own healthy fruits and veggies (and thus are more likely to eat them!).  Gethsemane Garden Center is an oasis in the city selling all things garden and sponsors local art fairs as well as a Children’s Fall Festival (with pony rides!). 

Location: Although Andersonville is pretty far north we are also close enough to Lake Shore Drive that taking the kids to museum campus or the zoo is definitely doable.  Living near the lake is a huge benefit for picnics and beach time with the family.

My husband and I moved to Andersonville because we loved the sense of community as well as the excitement and activities it offered. We are so glad that those same great qualities are still evident to us now that we are a family of four.  That’s why I love being a mom in Andersonville! What neighborhood do you live in? Why do you love it? 

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Swedish American Museum

Posted on April 10, 2014 at 7:16 PM