The Switch Witch

Written by: Melanie Schlachter

Many parents find themselves asking, "What do we do with all the Halloween candy?" Earlier this year, we discovered my son had sensitivities to just about every food imaginable. Thus began our clean eating regmine, free of all gluten, corn & artificial dyes (easier said than done). Needless to say, I knew that Halloween, once our family's favorite holiday, risked becoming a battle if I didn't figure out how to get the sacks full of candy that he could no longer indulge out of the house.

I recalled the stories of the "Switch Witch" I'd heard from colleagues over the years. However, even after my best Google search and Pinterest attempts to prepare, I was still unclear how to execute.

After discussing with some friends, here's the Switch Witch story that we decided to go with at our house:

  • The Switch Witch moves in the night so no one sees her. 
  • We leave our candy out on the front porch (the kids can pick 5 pieces of candy to keep).
  • The Switch Witch takes the candy to kids who didn't get any.
  • She rewards your kindness with a toy or special surprise (we're working on remembering to be kind and giving).

The Switch Witch story was met with instant buy-in from the kids. However they're now terrified at the thought of a witch (albeit a nice one) visiting their house on Halloween night. WIll the kids get over their fears and believe the hype? The research is in their favor... only Halloween night will tell!

Posted on October 27, 2013 at 9:44 PM