The Problem with Baby Registries

Written by: Merav Benson

I was too superstitious to register for my baby, so I can’t speak from personal experience. But, if registering for a baby is anything like registering for a wedding, I’m an expert. When you register, it’s so easy to imagine the life you want to have – the kind where you make waffles from scratch for breakfast and bake your own bread. It’s the same with a baby – you’re going to make your own baby food all the time, your baby will love that cute blanket and that type of bottle your friend recommended.

Just like coming back from the honeymoon to find that you’d rather go out for brunch than stay in on the weekend making waffles, the baby never seems to be exactly like you imagined. Instead of liking that pacifier you registered for, your baby spits it out. Because of your new life on the go, making your own baby food happens rarely.

I have two girls and even from one kid to another, it amazes me how different they can be. One guzzled the bottle like she’d been starved for days and the other won’t take a bottle without tears no matter how many types I try.

There’s one thing I do know for sure: no matter what baby you have, it needs  rested and well-nourished parents! Next time you’re considering getting a cute onesie for a friend’s baby, consider bringing her a meal instead. (Or if you can, bring both!) Trust me – the meal is something she will remember for a long long time!

I’m not saying you don’t need (lots of) stuff to prepare for a baby. I’m just saying that along with the stroller, car seat, etc. you think of the mom as well. Set up a meal train site (e.g. , or register with a meal delivery service ( because there’s no better gift for the baby than a well-nourished mom.

Posted on May 20, 2013 at 12:33 PM