Family travel tips, tricks, & toys - Flying with kids

Written by: Sarah Cobb

Travel is hectic, tedious and frustrating for the most seasoned jet setter so now try mixing in 1 (or more) small children and you start to fear and want to plan for the worst.  Thanks to NPN parents, we have their list of secret weapons!  Here is an arsenal of ideas for your airplane bag.

Old School:

  • Etch-a-sketch or a Magna Doodle
  • Books and stickers
  • Paper and crayons
  • Playing cards – sort, stack, and pass them around!
  • Arts & crafts - anything from pipe cleaners to Melissa and Doug Water Wow coloring books
  • Hit the nearby Dollar Store and pick up some new surprises

Feed them:

  • Lot of food & cool containers!  Try small snacks like raisins and cheerios.
  • 7-day plastic pill box or formula containers are fun ways to dispense snacks
  • Something to drink or suck on for take off and landing – Trader Joe's Organic lollipops are always a hit!
  • Fruit (e.g., whole apples)
  • Zip locks and wipes

Batteries Required:

  • ipad/DVD player – you decide how much screen time is right
  • Get child sized earphones
  • Download or bring a new show or movie
  • Try a few new free apps or games
  • Kid camera (or an old digital camera)

Parent-approved tips and tricks!

  • Keep your little ones close in this strange new place - try a Scootababy Carrier  or a Skip Hop Zoo Monkey Harness Backpack
  • Pin a bag of goodies to the seat in front of you so you don't spend the entire flight picking up stuff that drops
  • Use to find a seat assignment that has an electrical outlet and bring a power cord (cigarette lighter type).
  • Just SLOW verything down. Make a big, slow production of getting out the ipad, unwrapping the candy, etc.

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Posted on May 07, 2013 at 6:47 PM