Passion and Purpose

Written by: Jill M Hope

Three Important Questions to Help Busy Moms Find Passion and Purpose Beyond Pampers and Play Dates:

“What is my purpose in life?” is one of THE most asked questions, and yet it seems that so few ever make this seemingly elusive discovery.

Our roles as busy mom, employee, wife, chauffeur, cook, diaper changer, play date organizer, schedule manager, errand-runner, tantrum-soother, fun-maker, homework enforcer, and more, often obscure our view of what is most important in our lives.

Are you:

  • Dealing with conflicting priorities that are keeping you from what you love most (besides your kids)?
  • So busy just keeping everything together at home and/or work, that you couldn’t possibly spend time on what feeds your heart and soul?
  • Even in touch with what is most important to you, in your heart?

FACT: When you lose touch with what is most important to you on a heart and soul level, it is difficult, if not impossible to discover your purpose. Not only do you suffer, but your kids do too. Without this level of clarity, true satisfaction and fulfillment in your life will be elusive, and that feeling will impact your ability to best support your kids.

Sadly, over 95% of people never take the time to consider what it is they really want in life! If you don’t take the time to even think about how you want your life to be, you can never hope to create it!

I know you have dreams. Dreams that go far beyond the diapers, play dates, tantrums, and sleep issues. Dreams that speak to the heart of who you really are and what your purpose is all about.

So, what can you do right now to take the first step toward creating a life that incorporates your passion and purpose without neglecting your kids? Ask yourself these 3 important questions:

Question #1: What did you love to do, or want to be as an 8 year old?

What you wanted to be as an 8 year old is remarkably close to what your life’s purpose is….that thing that will really give you a deep sense of personal fulfillment.

If you wanted to be a princess, it may be hard to see what that means in your current life. So as you answer this question, consider which aspects of that princess are meaningful to you in your life now. Those aspects of what you wanted to be as an 8 year old may give you clues to your greater purpose.

Question #2: What am I really good at? What advice do people seek me out for?

Being aware of what you are good at can provide clues to the gifts you have to offer the world, which is a clue to your purpose.

Question #3: If there were no barriers (time, money, busy with kids), what would you most like to be doing? What would your ideal day look like?

Make a list of everything you wish were a reality in your life. What kind of home and environment would you live in, what type of work would you be doing, what would your important relationships be like, what kind of a mother would you be, what would you be doing to fill your soul with joy?

IMPORTANT: Let go of the need to know “how” any of these things would actually be a reality in your life.

Often, we discount or limit what we want if we can’t imagine how it could ever be. Don’t make this mistake! Just allow yourself to dream big and focus only on what you want, not on how it can happen.

If you think it is impossible for a busy mom to be committed to creating a life filled with the things you feel most passionate about, think again! I know so many women who are balancing the demands of motherhood while feeling passionate and purposeful in life.

If even one woman is successful at creating this balance, then it means you can too!

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Posted on March 22, 2013 at 12:28 PM