NPN's My Directory: Your #1 School Search Tool

Written by: Melanie Schlachter

Need help finding the right school for your family? Look no further!  The NPN members-only My Directory has some amazing new features to make your daycare, preschool and elementary school search so much easier. Navigate your family's school search fast and easy from your home or office.

How does it work?

  • Make sure your NPN membership is active - RENEW or JOIN and log in
  • Search the online directory using the Keyword (e.g., Montessori) OR use the advanced search to find what works for your family (e.g., starting age, area of the city, public/private), then ADD schools to your saved list
  • Try different searches and Add/Remove up to 30 SCHOOLS to your My Directory list
  • Click on My Directory  to see your saved schools and narrow down your list
  • Switch between the LIST and the MAP view (see image)
  • Easily download your My Directory into Excel or a custom PDF and make notes on open houses, application deadlines, questions, interests, and other deciding factors
  • Get more help > My Directory User Guide

Since 1980, NPN has been the go to resource for school search!

Are you taking advantage of these NPN Members-Only must-have school search tools and events?

  • Search the Online School/Daycare Directory (includes daycares, public and private schools)
  • Save up to 30 schools into the My Directory and view our options in a map or download to as an Excel list or a CUSTOM PDF format (NEW!)
  • Attend the Chicago School Choice Speaker Events and hear from parents, school directors, and experts on how to pick the right school for your family
  • Attend the School Fairs and connect 1:1 with public and privates school representatives all in one location

Registration is open for both of NPN's School Fairs now. RSVP today before they fill up!

Contact us with any ideas and questions at  Good luck with your search and remember we are here to help you!

Posted on February 27, 2013 at 10:43 AM