You Don’t Have to Move Out of the City!

Written by: Chicago School GPS

If you have a baby and live within Chicago’s city limits, you have invariably been involved in discussions about how and where you will educate your children.  Luckily, there are thousands of families who are successfully raising their kids in the city and wouldn’t change their experience for anything.  Chicago offers an incredible breadth of school choices. There are school choices in all age ranges so your selection does not have to be set in stone from the first day of Pre-K.  If you love the diversity, culture and energy of the city, you should take advantage of the city's rich educational landscape.

A successful school search begins with understanding the choices.  Chicago provides families with a large range of preschool options and teaching styles, in varying degrees of flexibility, and some even provide your family with an educational home all the way through high school. Many private schools begin at preschool, most public schools start at kindergarten, and some selective enrollment programs do not begin until 1st grade. Plus, children can and do change schools at various grade levels for various reasons, and Chicago’s diverse choices make those changes easier. 

There are many resources for families to learn about school options, including NPN and its Online School Directory and School Fairs.  At Chicago School GPS we have comprehensive calendars of public and private preschool, elementary and high school open houses and tour dates that can help you plan your school search. 

Congratulations on your decision to stay in the city! We know you won’t be sorry.

Posted on November 15, 2012 at 10:55 AM