Forget the Casseroles...Top 5 Foods For a New Mom in the Grocery Freezer Section

Written by: Merav Benson

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I heard lots of people tell me to “make lots of casseroles and freeze them” in anticipation of the baby. Well, after having been through it, I can tell you that a bunch of  casseroles are not the ideal way to get you through those first few months.

Issue 1: Casseroles are not so easy to eat while holding a baby. Trust me – try it.

Issue 2: You are up at all hours of the day… just having dinner in the freezer is not going to cut it. You’re going to need snacks, breakfast and lunch too!

Issue 3: You will get sick of eating casseroles… you need some variety!

So, I have compiled some great ideas from the freezer section of the grocery store for you to consider as you are prepping for your baby:

  1. Waffles – These are amazing… they come in lots of varieties (you can even get whole grain waffles to be extra healthy and filling), and are a snap to heat up. If you have other kids at home, this is something you can feed yourself and them. Another bonus: they are easy to eat while holding your baby.
  2. French toast sticks/bites – In the same vein as the waffles… look for options that are a bit healthier and don’t have all the extra sugar. This is also something you could make ahead and freeze. Check out this recipe that uses whole-grain bread for some extra nutrition:
  3. Frozen Smoothie Kits – There are a few out there, depending on whether you prefer to add juice or milk, but basically, it’s an easy way to drink your breakfast or snack. It’s easy to take it with you and it’ll make sure you get some fruits in you! You can also make these yourself – check out this site to show you how:
  4. Burrito/wrap/pocket sandwiches – these are good for breakfast, lunch or a quick dinner. Try some more nutritious options like those made by Amy’s Kitchen.
  5. Empanadas/Mini-Calzones – an entire meal in your hand. Choose options that have protein and veggies in there and you’re good to go.

I hope you enjoy these ideas and that you make sure you stay nourished! Don’t forget to take a Moment for Mom

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Posted on October 02, 2012 at 10:21 AM