Top 5 Tips for Running with your Stroller

Written by: Jackie Dorris

Does the upcoming Strollers in the Front 5K Run & Walk have you ready to hit the pavement?  Or maybe you are starting to see the long winter months stretching before you and you want to take advantage of the beautiful weather as long as possible. Here are my Top 5 Tips for Running With Your Stroller:

#1 - Use a jogging stroller- I highly recommend that if you are going to be doing any running with your stroller that you use a jogging stroller.  Jogging strollers are built for mileage with sturdier wheels, have built in suspension and are in general more sturdy than a regular stroller.  A jogging stroller will make a smoother ride for your little one, and also be easier for you to push.

#2 - Safety first!  You are traveling with precious cargo!  Be sure that your little one is buckled securely in the stroller before every run.  Think it doesn’t matter?  I don’t want to take you to a dark place, but visualize what would happen if you hit a bump and your stroller flipped.  You want your little one secured, just like in a car.  If you have a swivel front wheel, lock the wheel when you are running for added stability.  

#3 - Don’t over pack- I know it’s tempting to load all of your little one’s favorite toys in the stroller in an effort to keep them happy, but the more things you have in the stroller, the more possible interruptions to your run when you have to stop and pick them up - you know they love that game of throwing things overboard.  Being outdoors is already a huge opportunity for your little one to soak in the sites.  Also, be conscious not to hang your diaper bag on your stroller handlebars, it will weigh down the back of the stroller and it is more likely to tip.  Your diaper bag will also get in the way of your legs and your gait will change.

# 4 - Watch your posture- Proper stroller form is standing up nice and straight, belly button pulled towards your spine, shoulders rolled back and down.  Keep the stroller nice and close to your body- your arms should bend naturally at a 90 degree angle, the further away from you the stroller gets, the more you will hunch over and round forward.  Be conscious to release your claw grip on the stroller, relax your hands, release any neck tension and breathe.  Avoid pushing down on the handlebars with your weight, you should always support your own body weight instead of relying on the stroller.  I know that as your stroller weight increases i.e. your kid’s get bigger, it’s easy to want to lean in to the stroller for a little extra help (believe me, I get it, my double is over 100 pounds with both of my girls), be conscious of keeping good posture, your core engaged and try to stay light on your feet.

# 5 - Have fun!- Running with your little one in the stroller is a great way for them to see from a very young age that exercise is important and should be a part of everyday life.  At Stroller Strides we are all about making exercise fun, so keep your runs fun and engaging for your little one.  Does your little one love the zoo?  Go on a run that finishes at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Does your little one love boats?  Go for a run along one of the Harbors and look at the boats.  When your little one gets old enough, they can hop out and run alongside you and start training as well.  If you want your children to grow up and be active, it all starts with you.

Stroller Strides offers pre and post natal fitness programs for mom’s at all different stages of life. We are very excited to be a sponsor at the Strollers In The Front 5K Run & Walk Event!  Stroller Strides is a great way to get back in to shape, have fun with your baby and meet other new moms. The stroller based workout addresses the new mom’s exercise needs in a fun and refreshing format.  Check out our 5K Training Program or visit for class information.  

Posted on September 19, 2012 at 2:06 PM