Welcome to the New NPN Discussion Forum!

Written by: Sarah Cobb

The NEW NPN Discussion Forum is live!  We are here to help you get comfortable and excited about all of the new cool features and enhancements.  Plus - more enhancements (like Personal Messaging and a new Classifieds tool) are just around the corner.  This new platform will enable NPN to continue to grow and enhance our NPN Member benefits.  We hope you are as excited about these new features as we are!  Read more about how we got here from the Backstory.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All members are, by default, set to receive a Daily Forum Digest email when you have activity on your Forum posts (those you started and participated in).  If you want to change that setting please visit MY FORUM SETTINGS.  Visit this video to learn how.

Major changes to help you jump in:

#1. Separate Childcare Classifieds - if you are posting or looking for needed and/or available childcare (e.g., day care, nanny, nannyshare, babysitters, etc.) you can now search and post in the Childcare Classifieds Forum.  You can go directly to the MAIN Forum or the CHILDCARE CLASSIFIEDS Forum.  Click in the Forum you want to use to see, start, and respond to posts. VIDEO

#2. Manage your Forum Profile and still have the option to post as Anonymous. Personalize your Forum Profile with a "name" and an image. Anytime you post (except for via mobile) you will have the option to "Post as Anonymous".  NOTE: Your new forum profile will not show up on posts brought over from the old system.  VIDEO

#3. Customize your Forum Notifications - manage when and how you get notified if someone responds to any post you are involved in or Following.  VIDEO  Yes - you can now Follow posts - here's how: VIDEO

#4. Robust search and sort options - search across all forums and easily sort search results (e.g. by most responses)

#5. Tag your new posts with multiple categories - easily add more than one category to your post on any forum (no longer need to post the same content in multiple categories/folders)

#6. Personalize your profile and still have Anonymity - you now have the options to add a name/image to your Forum profile PLUS keep the option to post as anonymous. VIDEO

#7. Easily find your content - in one click get to MY CONTENT and see all of your posts/responses in one place - even get access to posts from the old system and your Anonymous posts.  Look for the Converted and Anonymous links on the left side of this page.

#8. Join a Social Group and get discussing - You can now start and join discussions for a specific group - by neighborhood, special interest, Kids Born in, and member created groups.

And so much more....

To get a quick overview these new features in action, please check out this short video!  PLUS an easy printable help page to get your quickly navigating these new features.

Our library of NPN YouTube videos is growing - check them out and stay tuned for more Forum News!  Questions - please contact forum@npnparents.org - we are here to help you make the most of your NPN experience.

Thank you to our NPN team, volunteers, alpha/beta focus group, and Table XI for all of their hard work on this project!!!

Posted on August 15, 2012 at 1:34 PM