Soulistic Studio & Spa: 5 Reasons to Exercise During Your Pregnancy

Written by: Maya Henderson

Long gone are the days when getting pregnant was an excuse to eat whatever you want. Healthy moms = healthy babies, and who doesn’t want that? Besides making sure yourbaby arrives as healthy as can be, there aremany reasons why exercising during pregnancy is a great idea.Soulistic Studio & Spa

Need some motivation to get moving? We asked two Soulistic instructors, Tina Campbell, a certified Pilates instructor with a specialty in pre-and post-natal fitness and Beth Prystowski, prenatal yoga instructor and the blogger behind Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom to share 5 Reasons to Exercise During Your Pregnancy. 

  • Labor and delivery will be easier.  “A lot of what we’re doing is strengthening and stretching the pelvic floor,” says Tina Campbell. “It supports all your organs and when you have the weight of a growing baby pushing down on your pelvic floor, it can cause incontinence. By strengthening the pelvic floor you support the weight of the baby. Prenatal Pilates also develops upper body strength, which will help prevent muscles soreness, improve posture and get you ready for holding and caring for your baby.” Beth says that prenatal yoga is also good for strengthening muscles as well as learning breathing techniques that help women overcome physical and emotional pain as well as stress during labor.
  • Get back to your pre-baby weight faster.  We have a large prenatal and postpartum program at Soulistic, so we see and hear this from our clients all the time. Those who commit to exercising during pregnancy put on less weight and are able to drop those pounds  quickly after the baby is born.
  • Have more energy for your baby. Being a new mom can be exhausting! Not only will you have to get adjusted to a (sometimes) erratic sleep schedule, you’ll also spend lots of time holding and lifting your baby. Exercising during pregnancy keeps your energy levels high and research suggests that women who exercise during pregnancy have less cranky infants.
  • Be a hot mama. Exercising during pregnancy helps combat the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, increases your energy levels and helps prevent unnecessary weight gain, so you’ll look and feel great.  “It’s also important to take time out of your busy schedule to appreciate your pregnancy and your body,” says Beth P.
  • Meet other expecting moms. Many of our prenatal clients come early or stay after class to talk with the other women in their class. When you take group prenatal fitness classes, you have an opportunity to meet other women who make healthy living a priority and it’s great to have a support system and friends you can talk to about all those “weird” pregnancy things that you never hear about.

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Posted on August 13, 2012 at 4:13 PM