Chicago Parents - Go Green, Shop, & Save!

Written by: Kristin Myers

Go Green this week and save some cash!  Shop the Babies, Tots n’ More Children’s Consignment & Boutique Overstock Event April 20th -21st.What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to do something great for our environment and your pocket book? 

Babies, Tots n’ More is Chicago’s first and only seasonal event company.  We  feature thousands of quality, gently-used or new kids’ and maternity items, including children’s clothing (through Youth size 16), shoes, toys, books, games, baby equipment, furniture, n’ more.  We are excited to announce that this Spring, we have also partnered with local baby boutique shops to bring you brand new, boutique overstocks for ½ off the retail price.  With over 20,000 items anticipated, we will have something for everyone!


GIVEAWAY NEWS! Comment here and a winner will be selected April 18th and qualify for a $50 Gift Certificate to the Spring Event and a VIP presale pass which lets you in the door at 4:00 pm on Thursday, April 19th.  Get the 1st look and save big!  Winner will be able to pick up their certificate at Flourish Studios (3020 N. Lincoln Ave.).

New to consignment sale shopping? Make the most of your shopping experience; follow these “navigation tips” from the experts at

  1. Strollers/Baby Equipment/Furniture is your first stop if you are in need of a new car seat or other piece of equipment. 
  2. After equipment, shop the shoes first. If you're looking for shoes, especially in the larger sizes, hit that section right away. Kids can wear shoes out fast, and there is usually a smaller selection of shoes than clothing.  Don't forget to make a footprint cut-out before the event to make sure the shoes will fit.
  3. Boys' clothes after shoes.  I'm not sure if it's because boys are harder on their clothes, or because there is just less variety in boys' clothes, but there are always fewer boy racks, and the boy clothes are often priced higher. Hit those before the girls' so you can find the better clothes and better bargains.
  4. Re-evaluate your picks before heading to the next section. Sometimes, when I'm in a shopping frenzy, I will pull way too much stuff off the rack. By going through my choices before heading out of the boys' section, I can weed out some of the more questionable items.
  5. Be careful in the girls' section! The girls' section of consignment sales is some kind of shopping cryptonite.
  6. Don't forget accessories like socks, hats, etc.
  7. Save toys and books for last, and be discriminating.The toy section can be overwhelming, to say the least. Head into it with specific ideas for your kids.  You can find some great deals on books, so save some energy to refresh your child’s library.

We have two additions to the experts’ suggestions:

  • Make a list.  It is easy to become distracted and lose sight of what you really need.  Grab those items first, and then shop for “the wants”. 
  • Lastly, Have Fun!  This is one shopping experience you can feel proud about.   

The Babies, Tots n’ More Spring public sale is April 20-21 at Daystar School, 1550 S. State Street (entrance and free parking at 16th & Dearborn).  Don't forget to enter the NPN giveaway for access to our VIP presale on April 19.  For more information about early shopping for Volunteers, Consignors, and First Time Moms, visit our website at .

Posted on April 13, 2012 at 9:02 PM