The Girl Who Changed My Life

Written by: Jim Schofield

Daughter? I was expecting a son. My life changed July 2, 2008, when Sophie Caitlyn Schofield appeared a week ahead of time. I went against the wishes of the ex-wife and mother-in-law, choosing to wait to find out the baby’s sex. The tiny six pound, one ounce bundle turned out to be a beautiful baby daughter.

My former manager often talked about his two daughters. I never thought I’d be in that situation—as if I had a choice between Coke and Pepsi at birth. He discussed the fresh sod he laid in the front lawn. His daughters loved to go outside to pet the blades of grass and water them—contrasted with how often he would have re-sod if he had the destructive force of two sons. I've never regretted having a beautiful baby girl.

My life has changed completely since Sophie joined it. My time is filled at the park sampling the swings and slides while guarding Sophie's tricycle from the other kids, who would naturally take it, according to Sophie. Winter was special with trips to Lincoln Park Zoo for zoo lights and strapping on skates at Wrigley, remembering I had to help her skate because she's not a person yet. Home is filled with tea parties and arts and crafts, especially anything messy like finger painting. The bonus is an old picture frame with a Sophie masterpiece, priceless pieces of artwork for our home.

The end of the day is the biggest reward. Following bedtime stories, a tired little three-year-old clutches my arms while her mind slips into dreamscape about butterflies or fireflies (she chooses, then instructs me to dream about the opposite). My day and my life are complete until 6:45 a.m. the next day. Sophie wakes up, informs me she's not tired anymore, and we embark on another journey.

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Posted on March 08, 2012 at 9:15 AM