Six Steps to an Easy Peasy Birthday Party

Written by: Jessica Schanberg

For some of us birthday’s can be headaches to organize. Here are some suggestions to make it a breeze:

  1. First start with a guest list on evite. It’s easy to make attractive invitations and you can keep track of who is coming and find out food allergies in the mix.
  2. Next, you can whip up some decorations fast and cheap. I like the dollar store or a party store for more options. Pick up plates, décor and napkins in one fell swoop. Another fun thing to add on are party favors. Those can be purchased inexpensively at a party store too. With a few party bags and some colorful tissue paper, you have a nice giveaway.
  3. For activities you can hire a fun kid’s musician, or save some cash and play musical chairs, make a scavenger hunt, do a fun art project, like drawing or making playdoh.
  4. If delivery isn’t your style, maybe make something simple, like mac and cheese or lasagna, with some sliced apples on the side.
  5. The cake: There are some great bakeries in Chicago that make custom cakes like the Alliance Bakery, or Dinkel’s or you could go to Molly’s Cupcakes for something a little different.

At the end of the festivities you can relax knowing there isn’t much to clean up, besides happy faces!

This article is a guest post by Jessica Schanberg of Chicago based Pixel Peony. She is a computer savvy Personal Assistant and Personal Organizer/Graphic Designer. As an organizer, Jessica is adept at creating systems for her clients that help them to live better clutter-free lives in their environments.

Posted on February 20, 2012 at 9:40 PM