The best neighborhoods in Chicago for trick-or-treating

Best neighborhoods to trick or treat in Chicago

We asked our members on the NPN Discussion Forum to spill the Halloween beans on the best Chicago neighborhoods for trick-or-treating. Here’s what we learned.

Burling St. between Fullerton and Wrightwood Aves.
“The entire block is closed to traffic, and virtually every house participates and kids from all over the city come. You can spend the whole night just doing both sides of the street and the candy is awesome (and usually there are people handing out other things like glowsticks).”

Ukrainian Village (Damen Ave. to Western Ave., Augusta Ave. to Division St.)
“Great decor, lots of kids out but not too crazy crowded. And all the beautiful, very old buildings (1880-1920) offer a great Halloween backdrop!”

Fremont St. between Armitage Ave. and Willow St.
“The decor is awesome. The street is closed to traffic which makes it easy to maneuver for strollers, etc.”

“+1 for this. We fill up our bags on this block alone. Plus some houses hand out wine. It’s awesome though crowded, but I’ve only lost my kids twice. :)”

Paulina St. between Diversey Ave. and Wrightwood Ave.
“Street is closed to traffic, all the neighbors are out in their front yards. It’s wonderful.”

“No cars allowed; families can walk in the street. Great decor and lots of candy. We live over there and went through 1,200 pieces last year.”

Hyde Park (esp. Harper Ave. between 57th and 59th Sts.)
“Street is closed, great houses with great decor, and a good deal of political humor along with decor.”

“We actually didn’t buy a house on this block because we know someone who lives there and they told us the annual cost and time commitment for Halloween, and we just wouldn’t be able to keep up. They have to buy 1,500 pieces of candy, and every house is fully decorated. The people who live there LOVE it, and it’s a huge draw from the neighborhood and beyond, but was not something I could imagine helping to host for the rest of my life! hah.”

Lakewood-Balmoral (Clark St. to Broadway, Foster Ave. to Bryn Mawr Ave.)
“Almost every house is decorated and many neighbors are hanging out in their front yards or on their porches for the constant stream of trick-or-treaters.”

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Posted on September 18, 2019 at 1:31 PM