Get to know the incoming CPS CEO - Brizard

Written by: Crystal Yednak


New CPS chief as teacher, principal

He will soon be in charge of all 675 Chicago public schools, but what was incoming CEO Jean-Claude Brizard like when he was a teacher and principal himself? Brizard spent 13 years at a struggling Brooklyn high school, starting out as a well-liked science teacher who was quickly promoted to assistant principal of George Westinghouse High School. In 1999, he was made principal and quickly charged with remaking the school to save it from closure. The union representative at the time said he and Brizard had to work together to remove ineffective teachers who stood in the way, but that in general, the two got along. After starting Westinghouse's transition to the information technology school that it is today, Brizard joined the central office of New York City public schools, moving on from this one school that deeply influenced him as an educator.

For a closer look at Brizard's time at Westinghouse, and a slideshow with photos of his family, see:

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Posted on May 06, 2011 at 2:07 PM