NPN members: Get 20% off tuition at Chicago Grammar School


Experience the Wonder of Learning at Chicago Grammar School 
Chicago Grammar School: where the traditional meets the progressive! CGS combines the richness of a classical curriculum with the latest engaging teaching practices. 

Chicago Grammar School is a private, PS-–8, independent school established to provide children with the essence of a classical liberal arts and sciences education. The CGS motto, Sapere Aude – Dare to Know, captures Chicago Grammar School’s commitment and dedication to educating students for knowledge/understanding, flexibility of thought and the confidence to act on one’s talents. 

Children are encouraged from the very beginning to express their ideas. They are asked open-­ended questions about stories. When a new topic is introduced, they are asked to formulate questions about what more they want to know. Classrooms work collaboratively in creating plays and vignettes to present knowledge they have learned. Children at CGS have explained their artwork at gallery openings showcasing their work; declaimed their lines during plays they have written; and exhibited and described their projects during science fairs.

Our children thrive in such an active and engaging environment! And after graduation, the students attend some of the most selective high schools in Chicago. 

NPN members, begin the adventure with us starting in preschool with a 20% tuition reduction to all new preschool and junior kindergarten children. Go here for more information.

Posted on January 26, 2018 at 6:16 PM