Thoughts parents have on the first day of school

Written by: Amanda Simkin

10 thoughts parents have when sending kids back to school

Right now my Facebook feed is filled with pictures of smiling (and I’m not going to lie, some frowning) photos of kids standing with signs that declare their first day of school. They are absolutely adorable in their best “first day of school” outfits, filled with nervous anticipation of what is to come for the upcoming school year.

But I always wonder what these pictures would look like if there was a parent standing with an adorable personalized “back to school” sign. I mean, would anyone be brave enough to publicize their true feelings? I most definitely am, and will be rocking my own version of a “back to school” board in a few weeks—be sure to follow me on Instagram to check out the finished product. Until then, here are 10 thoughts that will go through a parent’s head on the first day of the school year:

  1. FREEDOM. Sweet, sweet freedom.
  2. My baby! How is my baby so grown up? I can remember bringing him/her home from the hospital like it was yesterday…where has the time gone?!?
  3. Where does everyone keep getting all of those cute “back to school” chalkboard signs? I’m lucky enough if I find a black marker and a blank piece of paper that doesn’t have toddler scribbles all over it.
  4. Look at that, we are actually on time for the first day of school. I’m totally going to be on time every morning. I mean, it’s really easy. I’ll just have to stay up until midnight getting everything ready the night before. No big deal, right?
  5. Speaking of prep work, that lunch I slaved over last night better get eaten. I mean, I cut the sandwich into a fish for crying out loud. I should have taken a picture of it to put on Instagram. Think I have enough time to take a quick picture before the bell rings?
  6. I’m officially old. Old enough to have a child in school. I used to be young, hip and totally cool. THIS. IS. DEPRESSING.
  7. Pictures! I have to take a picture. Wait, what? Storage full?!?!  NOOOOOOOOOO.
  8. I really hope my child gets the teacher who doesn’t believe in giving homework.
  9. No, I’m not crying. It’s allergies. Haven’t you heard of fall allergies? Does anyone have any tissues?
  10. Ok, you officially managed school drop off without completely freaking out and making a fool of yourself. Now just don’t forget to get to school pick up on time!

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Posted on August 29, 2016 at 9:31 AM