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Written by: Olena Fedorova

5 things you need to have at your child's first birthday party.
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Your baby's first year of life is filled with many amazing milestones—smiling, laughing, sitting, crawling and more. But out of all of these milestones, one of the most anticipated is celebrating her first birthday. Being part of your family for one full year is a momentous occasion that deserves an extra-special celebration. To help get the planning process started, here is a look at the top five must-haves at any one-year-old's birthday party.

1. Adorable invitations
The perfect party begins with the perfect invitation. Your child’s first birthday party needs an invitation that is just as adorable as he is. The easiest way to do this? Include a current picture of your big boy or girl tucked inside the envelope or printed directly on the invitation. Family and friends will love seeing what your little bundle of joy looks like now.

2. “All about me” display
Your child has already done a lot in her first year of life. Show off all of her accomplishments with an “all about me” display featuring her birth and current statistics, achievements and favorite things. Place a digital photo frame nearby that rotates through some of the best photos from your baby’s first year. Hang a clothesline behind the display to show off some of your baby’s cutest outfits.

3. Baby’s smash cake
The smash cake has been a first birthday party tradition for a long time. When making arrangements for the birthday cake, don’t forget to order a smash cake or cupcake. Most babies love getting messy and enjoying this special cake all to themselves. Remember to have baby wipes and clean clothes available to clean up afterward!

4. Designated photographer
Pictures of your child’s first birthday party are a must. Whether you bring in a professional photographer to capture the event or hand off the job to a friend with a great camera, be sure to have a designated photographer at the party. While you’ll likely end up snapping a few pictures yourself, you’ll want to spend the party with your child—not behind the camera.

5. Flexible party schedule
Children can be unpredictable—especially babies and toddlers. What you expect to be the highlight of the party might not even merit a second glance from your child. While every party needs a schedule to follow, give yourself enough flexibility to change based on your child’s reactions. Don’t rush him to unwrap his present if he's still fascinated by the bow on the outside. Follow your child’s cues. After all, it is his party!

Your child's first birthday party is bound to be one of the most memorable parties you ever throw. After the party is over, take time to arrange your favorite photos of the celebration in an album or scrapbook. You and your child will enjoy looking back on these memories as she achieves many more important milestones in the coming years.

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