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Written by: Sara Fisher

Vinted Kids
Vinted Kids is a new online marketplace to sell the kids’ gear your family has outgrown and to buy the big ticket baby and kids items you want without the big price tag. It's an offshoot of the Lithuanian peer-to-peer preloved marketplace, Vinted.
Vinted Kids chose Chicago as its first U.S. launch city! Learn more about Vinted Kids from Kristin Cheuvront, a local ambassador for Vinted Kids, below.
What is Vinted Kids?
Vinted Kids is a parent-to-parent online marketplace for preloved kids gear and quality clothing for parents on the go.
Why did Vinted Kids choose Chicago as its first U.S. launch city?
We selected Chicago as the first city to launch Vinted Kids because, as you know, it has a great community of parents who are savvy, smart and looking to be a part of something new.  It’s always exciting for Chicago to get to be first!
So how does Vinted Kids work exactly?
Parents who like to buy quality brands for their kids also like to get a little return on their investment. When users are cleaning out their kids’ closets, their basement or garage, they can register on Vinted Kids and quickly upload their items to sell. The app takes you step-by-step through the listing process, from what photos to snap to how to write a good description. After you hit the “sell” button, the entire Vinted Kids community can see your item and are able to make the purchase. You can list large items like strollers and furniture, too! Vinted Kids has a great geolocation feature that makes meeting up for items nearby really easy.
You have also a forum on the site that’s different from other apps, right? 
There are already marketplaces and forums, but having both in the same site is unique. Vinted Kids is a community of parents.  They are selling and buying each others’ preloved items but they are also connecting on parenting and other topics as well.
So is Vinted Kids just about earning money? 
That is an exciting aspect for parents, but our mission is to make secondhand first choice. It is our approach to make the world a little bit better. And did you know that second-hand clothing is better for your child? The production of clothing involves a lot of chemicals. If it was worn by one or more kids, the main part of chemical is washed out. That is healthier for your child’s skin.
Why do you think Chicago needs Vinted Kids?
These days parents are super busy and always on the go. Vinted Kids offers a new and convenient way to shop and sell preloved gear and clothing. With our app you can always access all the items in our catalog as well as all threads in our forum. Parents shouldn't adapt to products. Products should meet parents needs. I think you’ll be surprised to see just how easy it is!
Find out more about Vinted Kids at and be sure to enter the Vinted Kids contest to win a moms' night out with your friends, courtesy of Vinted Kids by registering on the app and sending your username to And take advantage of Vinted’s ZERO percent seller fees during launch!
Vinted Kids
Posted on March 25, 2016 at 12:05 PM