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Written by: Laura Baginski

Kids with developmental differences get therapy through gymnastics.

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If your child has a developmental difference, you know you need to find a support team to help him excel, whether it's a therapist, a specialty school, a developmental pediatrician or all of the above. You'll be able to find all of these resources at NPN's Developmental Differences Resource Fair on March 13, but you'll also be able to find services that provide realy cool experiences for your child. 

Check out these exhibitors below, then be sure to stop by their table at the Developmental Differences Resource Fair (register here)!

Chicago Rowing Foundation: As part of its Pauly's Pals program, kids 11-18 with autism, sensory processing disorder or Down Syndrome get one-on-one rowing instruction in a state-of-the-art indoor tank. Beyond developing physical strength, the program fosters connections with peers, volunteers and coaches. For kids with physical disabilities, CRF's accessNOW program offers adapted rowing equipment. 

Therapy Yoga Gymnastics Rocks: At TYGR, kids get occupational, physical and speech therapy through yoga activities and gymnastics equipment. They'll love running, jumping, hanging, flipping and balancing while improving physical, cognitive, social and life skills.

Camp Firefly: Kids with social disorders can have that classic overnight summer camp experience with Camp Firefly. Desgined for kids ages 9-14 with social anxiety, OCD, PDD, Asperger's Syndrome, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder and high functioning autism, this summer camp in the Wisconsin Dells includes swimming, crafts, horseback riding, campfires and sleeping in cabins with peers.  

Travelers Aid Chicago: The staff at Travelers Aid will help your family prepare for a trip to O'Hare, and help ease you and your child through otherwise anxiety-inducing steps such as gate check-in, going through security and baggage claim.

Chicago Blue Dolphins: Kids who would otherwise have difficulty learning to swim, such as those with sensory processing disorders or on the autism spectrum, can acquire that crucial life skill in a supportive environment with one-on-one instruction and small group classes.

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