5 Tips For Your Next At-Home Birthday Party

Written by: Maggi Steib

Remember having birthday parties at home? They don’t have to be a thing of the past. Parties at home are more affordable, and generally more comfortable. So how do you avoid hordes of children wreaking havoc in your house? It’s all in the planning…

  • The main key to having a manageable party at home is party size. Keeping the guest list to 8-10 children works best.
  • Consider your child's interests and include them in the party planning process. Chances are if they like playing dress up, their friends do too.
  • Invest in unique invitations. Every event begins with the invitation - start it off with a bang.
  • Have lots of planned activities for the children, starting as soon as they arrive. Alternate very lively activities with quiet ones.
  • Have fun with the decorations and go a little over the top. After all, that's what parties are for.

You don't have to avoid having your child's next birthday party at home. With good planning, and input from the guest of honor, your party can be both manageable and fun -- for everyone.


Maggi Steib is a mother of three and owner of Imagine a Party LLC, an event planning service that specializes in birthday parties for all ages. Visit www.imagineaparty.net for more information.

Posted on May 05, 2015 at 8:21 AM