Top 5 NPN Resources for Expecting Parents!

Written by: Christa Reed

We are constantly meeting new families that are looking for the resources they need as they begin the exciting journey of parenting in Chicago. Whether you are new to the city or born and raised (like myself), NPN has some really amazing resources for the newly pregnant family. 

Expectant Moms Mingle

Here are 5 AWESOME ways to get a GREAT value out of your NPN membership when you're expecting:

5. Parent Perks. Your NPN membership gives  you thousands of dollars of potential discounts including deals from A&H ChildproofersCatBird Baby CarriersMeez MealsSwedish Covenant Hospital/Galter Life CenterFitness Formula Clubs/Spa, Maternity/Newborn Photographers (too many to mention by name), and so much more!

4. Expectant Mom Mingles. Brand NEW to NPN! We're gathering the gals for a fun night of mingling, snacks, along with mini maternity photo shoots for each attendee. Come to relax and meet others just like you! 

3. Discussion Forum. Need a safe place to ask veteran parents questions about well....everything? The NPN Main discussion forum is chock full of questions and answers about everthing from labor/delivery to where to find a plumber on a moments notice. You can post as yourself or totally anonymous for those uncomfortable questions.. Log in and join the conversation

2. Expecting Parent Programs. NPN hosts everything events with some of the most well-respected experts in their fields. Some upcoming events include What to Expect When You're Postpartum, Breastfeeding 101 and Childcare 101 - Parent Panel.

1. Childcare Classifieds. There's really no better place in town to start your search for a nanny or childcare provider. NPN families are wonderful about sharing their experiences with providers and want to help you find the best person/facility for your family. Many times a family that no longer has a need for their nanny and will post on their behalf with a glowing review of how they've become a part of their family. Personal recommendations is really an awesome way to search.

Are you expecting? Need even more resources. Comment below! We can help!

Posted on April 21, 2015 at 11:15 AM