Top 6 Spring Survival Apps

Written by: Christa Reed

Playground Pointers ($1.99)

An NPN favorite and worth every penny. Playground Pointers is a searchable iPhone app that will guide you to the best Chicago playgrounds close to you. If you want to explore a new neighborhood, run an errand yet want to give your kids the chance to play outside, or want to meet another family for a playdate in a new area, Playground Pointers is a must-have. It gives you location information, pics and even notes on the ambiance (i.e. the el rumbles a little loudly, etc). This was designed by a Chicago mom! Bonus points, in our opinion. 

Outdoorsy (FREE)

Need to find a place to enjoy our few short months of fantastic beer garden/patio weather? Look now further than this super simple app. It tells you pretty much where every outdoor café and patio is in the entire city and will show you on a map. 

PackPoint (FREE)

It's almost time for summer vacay. Don't forget anything and download this app that helps you create packing lists based on when you're traveling, where you're traveling to, how long you'll be staying as well as the activities you plan on doing. Genius and totally takes the thinking about of this tedious task that I wait till the last second to do. 

Mommy Nearest (FREE)

This app is amazing! Totally helps moms find kid-friendly places, on-the-go. The app is location-based and offers information about events, promotions and deals. "Favorite" NPN on your Mommy Nearest app and receive 10% off of your new NPN membership today! "Favorite" NPN in your neighborhood and get notifications for when we’re hosting super fun and free events nearby. They are national so it's great for when you're traveling to other big cities too!

Pretty Quick (FREE)

Time for that first pedicure of Spring! Book immediate beauty appointments, get confirmations, day or night, earn rewards (free mani every 8 bookings) and never worry about having cash again. Your payment info is saved in your app and billed directly. It takes seconds to download and sign up. Then it locates you and you can search for a location close-by or search by the service you're looking for (mani, pedi, blowout, waxing, massage, etc). It also shows pricing and reviews. Can't beat it. Especially great for those with new mommy brain that only remember things while up for a 3am feeding. 

UrbanSitter (FREE)

Another NPN fave! Use your addiction to social media for good and find the babysitter of your dreams. Your Urban Sitter account syncs with your Facebook page and will show sitters that you’re personal friends have used and recommended. It’ll show you all sort of information about the sitters available like, how quickly they respond, how many repeat families they’ve had, their going rate and so much more. Enjoy the weather and add a few date nights to the calendar. It couldn’t be easier. Use this link to sign up and get $15 off your first booking. 

Are there any awesome apps that we missed? Comment below and tell us what you're using. 

Posted on April 14, 2015 at 3:19 PM