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Rose McLean, physical therapist and owner of the Chicago Pediatric Therapy & Wellness Center, has been specializing in pediatrics since 2004. Upon graduating from Northwestern University in Chicago, IL with her doctorate in physical therapy, she began her career at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. After several years, her love of the city brought her back to Chicago, where she continued to grow in experiences with outpatient clinic evaluations and treatment and home visits through the Early Intervention system. To continue her expertise with young children, she obtained her NDT (Neuro-Developmental Treatment) certification as well as her infant specialty in NDT the following year. Her continuing education has focused on Kinesiotaping, serial casting, fabrication of splints and orthoses, gait analysis and wheelchair and equipment recommendations and fitting, to name a few. Rose’s passion is working with children of all ages and abilities while getting to know each child’s motivations to make her sessions fun, playful and challenging! In working in the pediatric therapy industry, she began to notice a missing educational and inclusion piece for children with and without special needs and their families. In the creation of the Chicago Pediatric Therapy & Wellness Center, she not only wanted families to have a center where multi-disciplinary communication and therapist collaboration for each child was a priority, but she also wanted recreational and educational programs available for families to access outside of their one-on-one therapy sessions. In this way, not only can families network with each other and build a stronger community, their children can apply and learn in a safe and fun yet still therapeutic environment with their peers.

How to keep your kids active inside

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Inactivity during winter months can have a negative effect on a family’s physical and mental health. Research has shown when kids don’t get enough activity, it could result in difficulty sleeping, behavior problems, and inattention for academic tasks. That’s why it’s important to keep your kids active all year round, especially during those long winter months. And no one understands this more than Chicagoans! To stay active while not having to leave ...

Posted on February 25, 2020 at 11:56 AM by Rose McLean