Author - Lindsay Bremer

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Lindsay Bremer is a Chicagoland resident of 15 years and a marketer in her day job. She spends the rest of her time caring for and fiercely protecting her beloved family, diligently navigating the challenges of being a working parent while maintaining her sanity.

How to make traveling with kids less awful

When I became a mother, one of the things I was most worried I’d have to sacrifice was travel. My husband and I share a passion for visiting new places and taking in new experiences, and I couldn’t see how that would be possible while carting around young children. I imagined us struggling through airports with too many suitcases, fighting with folding strollers and carting around car seats, taming toddler tantrums and hiding our faces from other travelers while our children melted down i...

Posted on November 23, 2015 at 1:53 PM by Lindsay Bremer