Author - Jamie Russo

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Jamie is mom to nine month old Dagny Ailise.  Her bald spots are filling in, she now only cries over the really good Hallmark commercials and she’s back to doing box jumps.  She runs a coworking space in the West Loop called Enerspace where the inspired and passionate go to do their best work.  Enerspace helps its members, (including busy parents!) integrate wellness into their work day.

The Real Scoop on Your Postpartum Life

Last night, I was in bed reading an article in the "baby" section in a parenting magazine about life after baby.  Maybe the author gave birth so long ago that she has forgotten the real deal.  Here are some excerpts with my “real scoop” inserted.  

“You may lose some hair, develop acne, feel teary, and have night sweats until your hormones return to normal.”

The Real Scoop:

Hair loss:  You know that thick, flowing, goddess-like hair you sported during your pregnancy?  Well, si...

Posted on August 29, 2012 at 6:00 AM by Jamie Russo