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Katy Buoscio is the Assistant Director of Admission: JK-5 at the Francis W. Parker School. She joins the Parker community after working in both university and independent school admissions. Her true passion is partnering with Chicago families through the admission process and assisting them in finding the right school fit for their child. Katy has served on the American Red Cross of the Heartland Board of Directors and holds her Bachelor of Arts in International Diplomatic Studies from Illinois Wesleyan University. She enjoys exploring Chicago's diverse neighborhoods and running along the lake.

How to apply to a private school

We admit it, getting into a private school can be an overwhelming process. There are many details to keep your eyes on, such as the deadlines and requirements set by the various admissions departments of the schools to which you are applying. Most of the time, depending on the grade level your child will be entering, you will be applying to multiple schools . The best advice we can offer as you deal with applying to schools is to begin the process as early as you can. 


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Posted on November 12, 2015 at 10:01 AM by Katy Buoscio

School Search Kickoff!

Whether it’s the first cool and rainy day with a hint of autumn, the end of Shark Week or the last falling star in the summer sky that trips your awareness, “back to school” time is here! For most of us as parents there is a bittersweet feeling to summer’s end.  Embarking on a school search can be an especially anxious time. Where should I begin? How will I know which is “the best” school? What if s/he doesn’t get in? I offer you the following tips:

Reflect on your own education.  What...

Posted on September 05, 2014 at 7:00 AM by Katy Buoscio