Author - Rachel Kramer

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Rachel Kramer recently began staying home with her son, Seth, age 2 1/2, after eleven years in nonprofit fundraising.  She has been an NPN member since 2009, and lives in the Ukrainian Village with her husband, Michael, and son.

Sharing: A Uniquely Childish Skill

Like all parents, I hope with all my heart my son will be a nice person.  So—though I share other parents’ desire to avoid high-pitched shrieks of “MINE!” and embarrassing tantrums—instead of avoiding places where my son will scuffle with other kids over toys and turn-taking, I seek them out for sharing practice:

Sandboxes: Bring your own toys and enjoy the toys in the sandbox. “Mine” isn’t necessarily a terrible word if it means, “This is mine and I will share with you.”


Posted on January 13, 2012 at 7:00 AM by Rachel Kramer

Getting Outside: Urban Tyke Hike

With playgrounds, parks, museums and libraries at our fingertips, we city dwellers are lucky that we don’t have to travel far to enjoy engaging activities with our kids.

But what about when you have only 30 minutes, you’re not motivated to load everyone in the car, or you want your little ones to burn off some energy before naptime? Consider an urban hike, beginning right outside your door.

Almost immediately after learning to walk, our son began asking to “walk on feet.” I love th...

Posted on July 22, 2011 at 10:12 AM by Rachel Kramer